Roller Skate and Roller Derby Wheels

Bont Wheels-quad Ballistic Roller Skate Wheels
Ballistic Roller Skate Wheels From €30,00
Bont Wheels-quad BPM 78A Gamma Blue / Set of 4 BPM Roller Skate Outdoor Wheels
BPM Roller Skate Outdoor Wheels €34,99
Bont Wheels-quad 59mm Purple 92A / Set of 4 Evolve Roller Skate Wheels
Evolve Roller Skate Wheels €52,00
Bont Wheels-quad Flow Roller Skate Park Wheels
Flow Roller Skate Park Wheels €44,00
Bont Wheels-quad FX1 Roller Skate Wheels
FX1 Roller Skate Wheels From €50,00
Bont Wheels-quad Glide Roller Skate Outdoor Wheels
Glide Roller Skate Outdoor Wheels From €32,00
Bont Wheels-quad Set of 4 / Misty Teal Glow Light Up LED Roller Skate Wheels
Glow Light Up LED Roller Skate Wheels €44,00

Bont roller skate quad wheels are designed for roller skating, roller derby, speed skating, and park skating. They have extremely high roll, rebound, grip, and wear properties. Bont is famous for making the best roller skate wheels in the world. Buy the best roller skate and roller derby wheels. 

There are hundreds of roller skate wheel brands on the market. Only Bont roller skate wheels push the boundaries of roller skate wheel designs with hot cure urethanes, advanced aluminum hubs, and specialized bearings like our 167 bearings. We push the limits of roller skate wheel design so you can perform at your best. To find out more about making Bont roller skate wheels, check out this blog called Roller Skate Wheels - Royal Assassin. This blog post goes into the details of what it takes to make the world's best roller skate wheels. If you would like to see what's next for the future of roller skate wheels, take a look at this blog post on 3D printed roller skate wheels. 

Roller skating wheels come in many different shapes, sizes, hardness, and designs. Here are some general rules for choosing the best roller skate wheel:

  • If you are skating outdoors for fun, by the beach, or on concrete, you are going to want a fairly soft roller skate wheel that is around 78a. No matter how you skate, this hardness wheel is great for having fun. 
  • If you are skating indoors, you are going to need to talk to people at the rink and ask them what hardness wheels they use. This will depend on the surface of the rink and if it has any coating on it. You will be looking for a wheel that is between 92a to 100a durometer. 
  • If you are a very lightweight skater, you can use a softer wheel, if you are a heavy person, you will want a harder wheel. As an example, if the roller skate rink has a nice grippy floor then a lightweight skater who is 50kg/60kg or 110lb/140lb you would be looking at the 92a wheels. 70kg/80kg or 150lb/190lb a 95a wheel or above 90kg or 200lb a 98a wheel.
  • If the rink is very slippery you will want to use a softer wheel and if it is very grippy you can select a harder roller skate wheel for more speed.